Product review for Dymag UP7X wheels

Dymag Ultra Pro UP7X Forged Aluminum Wheels 7 Spoke Ultra Light

Product review for Dymag UP7X wheels

I fitted a set of Dymag UP7X wheels to my 2000 Yamaha R1 and thought I would let you know my thoughts after riding over 1500 miles using them.

I ride to work every day via some pretty twisty and bendy roads, so was able to test the wheels pretty thoroughly over some quite challenging terrain.

What I liked: These wheels were one of my most expensive investments so far, but being that they are forged from very high-quality aluminium and were originally designed for racing, I was expecting great performance from them.

Weighing 4.40kg front and 5.56kg rear, they are over 20% lighter than my standard stock wheels.

I could really feel the difference when changing direction at faster speeds. The steering was much lighter, yet the bike felt very stable while cornering – even on the tightest of bends. The lighter overall weight also affected braking and acceleration, making both quicker and less sluggish to respond.

What I disliked: There is nothing much to report here as so far I can find these wheels hard to fault. Even after some time riding over loose chippings, the wheels still look as good as new with no obvious flaking of chipping to the wheel surface.

For anyone who does not want to replace their bike, but wants to have a bit of an overhaul or improvement, then these wheels can give your bike a new lease of life without the expensive price tag of replacing your bike. These are not budget wheels by any measure, but a pair of these wheels would certainly make your old bike feel like a new one.

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